Theory of Business

Theory of Business

 Message from the Chairman

With professional and passionate services as the foundation, Buwon-PS values responsibility, enthusiasm, and honesty in order to improve its competitiveness and product quality. Buwon-PS prides itself on being a leader in the industry and a pursuer of innovation. The confidence and determination it possesses will push Buwon-PS to achieve excellence and become a global icon.

 Our Business Philosophy

1. Client-Centric: Trust is priceless.
2. Honesty: Profits are created on the basis of transparency and fairness; commitment to give back to the society.
3. Innovation: Provide clients with excellent products and services with new strategies.
4. Technology: Lead the way with new development and technology.

 Corporate Motto

1. Love for the company and the society
2. Honesty
3. Passion, innovation, and confidence.

 Corporate Slogan

Always Act for Innovations
A(active) C(creative) T(Talent)
BACT: efficient execution, immediate response and full support for client demands; research team develop innovative products suitable for clients in order to improve their corporate value.

 Corporate Objective

Global leader in the precision thin film area.