Salary System

We believe people are the most important asset of our company. We provide all our employee with competitive salary and bonus based on the performance of the company. Our permanent staff enjoys:

Guaranteed Salary

13 months of guaranteed salary Shift allowance, overtime pay and meal compensation (higher than the Labor Standard Law requires) Transportation subsides


Bonus is given out depending on profit, personal performance, and completion of objectives.

 Corporate Welfare

Corporate Welfare

  • Free group insurance , dependent medical insurance , and travel insurance
  • Physical examination subsidies for new employees and regular health examination for free
  • Subsidies for newly weds, maternity, fertility, hospitalization , and funerals
  • Working 5 days a week with annual leave and travel leave
  • Accompanying maternity leave, annual leave ,menstrual leave, parental leave, and maternity leave
  • Provide parking space and restaurants
  • Bonus for introducing talents
  • Bonus for Dragon Boat Festival , Mid-Autumn Festival, and December bonus
  • Dorms


The growth of our employee is the same as the growth of our companies “ this has always been Buwon-PS’s Motto. We have a comprehensive employee training system, and hope that we can establish a knowledge-sharing culture as well as Improving personnel quality and performance. The training system is as follows:

 Pre-service training

new employees training and courses of general training

including courses of general training and counseling training. It includes basic company information, labor safety and health education , supply chain management , and market conditions. Depending on the department , new employees would receive specific training .

 In-service training system

Professional training

*OJT (On Job Training):

including work training and operating training. *Enhance personnel education training:

including marketing , human resources, procurement, accounting , research , technology, manufacturing, QC , and professional training.

QC training

including SPC (Statistical Process Control), QC concepts, 7 major QC methods , 8D, FMEA failure mode and effects, , DOE projects , 6σ, process capability , and process management course.

Management training

targets including first line managers, middle managers , and corporate executives.

Group cohesion training

workshops to achieve corporate goals.

Labor environment safety training

occupational trainings in accordance with illustrations or customers’ requests.


including in-service training and language learning.