EC Mirror Glass Substrate

EC Mirror Glass Substrate

EC Mirror Glass Substrate


Combination by Top & Bottom Glass

EC Mirror Glass Theory:

EC Mirror Glass Substrate: Using sputtering materials (ITO/Cr/Ag...etc.), and matching with photo/etching process. To pattern required by customer application is made. EC (electrochromic) material is filled in two glasses with a conductive layer inside of module. By applying a voltage between the two conductive layers. To change light transmittance . The relevant features are as follows:

1. Maximum glass size for photo process: (G2.5) 400x520x(0.1~2.9)mm.
2. Optical and graphic design: Can be adjusted according to customer needs.
3. Certification of TS16949 & IATF16949 certification approved.
4. Final product has passed the 1000hrs reliability test.
5. providing small amount of various products and services.


EC Mirror glass substrate: At present, it is mainly used in interior rearview mirrors and exterior rearview mirrors. The products can be equipped with functions such as driving recorders, rearview mirrors and fatigue detection. Different penetration rates of products are matched with different reflectance. It can also achieve the application of chromatic mirror, anti-glare, etc.
In addition to the existing specifications, the services we can provide for customers can also be tailored for customers, produced in small quantities, various sizes according to the shapes, and specifications required by customers.