Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP)

Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP)

Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP) :


CTP divided into the following 4 categories

  •   1. OGS (ITO Bridge)
  •   2. OGS (Metal Bridge)
  •   3. G-G (ITO Bridge) - (Refer to diagram below)
  •   4. G-G (Metal Bridge)

CTP Theory:

Capacitive touch panel (CTP): Using multi-layer sputtering materials (IM/ITO/Metal/ITO ... etc.), and matching with photo/etching process technology. Covered protective layer OC material, to make single-point or multi-point touch function. It has more sensitive capacitance characteristics. Other related characteristics are as follows:

1. The maximum glass size of the photo/etching process: (G2.5) 400x520x(0.1~2.9)mm
2. Optical and graphic design: can be adjusted according to customer needs
3. Certification of TS16949 & IATF16949 certification approved.
4. Final product has passed the 1000hrs reliability test.
5. providing small amount of various products and services.


Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP): It can be widely used in a variety of single-point or multi-touch products, such as cell phones, tablets, automobiles, etc. Its sensitive touch operation brings consumers. It is an excellent entertainment effect. Applied to education and learning, its convenient and simple operation also makes it easier for most people of different ages to get started and achieve the function of learning. For car users whether it is navigation, listening to music, watching movies, it can meet the various needs.

  • Various kinds of handheld devices, touch panel, tablet, etc.
  • Mobile phone, HUD (Heads-up Display)



CTP is widely used in single touch and multi-touch products, such as mobile phone, tablet, car multi-media, etc. The highly sensitive touch brings a lot of application convenience to users and improve HMI (Human-machine Interface) interaction. The ease-of-use also enables learning speed of people from all ages across most applications, including navigation, music and movie play, on-line learning, etc.