DITO Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP)

DITO Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP)

DITO Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP) :


DITO CTP Theory:

DITO touch panel (TP): Using multi-layer sputtering materials (IM/ITO/Metal/ITO ... etc.), and matching with photo/etching process technology to double-sided processing (X & Y direction). To make single-point or multi-point touch function. It has more sensitive capacitance characteristics. Because of to use glass to separates the X-Y direction, it still has a relatively sensitive touch function. Other related characteristics are as follows:

1.The maximum glass size of the photo/etching process: (G2.5) 400x520x(0.1~2.9)mm
2. Optical and graphic design: can be adjusted according to customer needs
3. Certification of TS16949 & IATF16949 certification approved.
4. Final product has passed the 1000hrs reliability test.
5. providing small amount of various products and services.


DITO Touch Panel (TP) : It can be widely used in a variety of single-point or multi-touch products, such as cell phones, tablets, automobiles, etc. Glass has good optical clarity, protected from sun damage, birefringence problems, and suitable for products for outdoor applications. Extremely light force touch (near zero), very smooth and fast in operation, and can perform 10-finger touch simultaneously. High flexibility to meet different customer needs or consideration of environmental conditions.

  • Various kinds of handheld devices, touch panel, tablet, etc.
  • POS, Meal Ordering Kiosk, ATM, etc.


DITO touch panel is used in a variety of single touch or multi-touch product application, such as tablet, car multimedia, etc., and is also suitable for use in outdoor application. Only requiring very light touch to activate, the feature is highly sensitive and smooth, and allows up to 10-point touch.